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Re: Gammarus

Non-member submission from [Rhonda Wilson <rhondawi at m6_sprynet.com>] 

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 09:47:55 -0700
From: Rhonda Wilson <rhondawi at m6_sprynet.com>
To: Live-Foods at actwin_com
Subject: Re: Gammarus


> Can anyone tell me how to culture gammarus. Is it possible to keep them
in a
> very heavily planted tank with some fish? I'd love to have them reach an
> equilibrium in which they reproduce at the same rate as they are eaten.

I find that it is pretty easy to keep them that way unless you have a
particularly good
hunter in there. But I have to warn you, if you have Java moss they will
strip it.
Otherwise I haven't had any problems with them and other plants and they
will eat hair
algae. In fact that's what I feed my other cultures of them on.

I have some in my tanks but I also keep some in 2 gallon plastic
containers. I just use
water and throw in hair algae or other plant cuttings.

> Realizing that this will probably not work, I wouldn't mind dedicating a
> gallon tank, but I need some help on how to do it. Oh ya, I also need a
> culture. Anyone willing to swap some plants or some Malaysian Trumpet
> for some gammarus?

Well the last thing I need is more snails. :) But I would swap you some


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