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Critter ID

	With all the precipitation we've had in the area, it seemed like a good idea
Sunday to go looking for misquito larvae or daphnia.  What I found was
something I have fed my fish before, but have never been sure what it was.	
Maybe someone can help identify it.	
	These guys are the same size as the local daphnia.  I would say they are
about 1-1.5mm in length.  They look like reddish-orangish dots.  Without
magnification they have no visible means of propulsion, but they do move.
Generally they move much more smoothly than daphnia, but tend to take a course
that is very full of tight circles and curves.  I have never seen them this
red before, usually they are bone-white.  They are very densely packed into
the water where they are found.
	I'm not sure what else to say about them.  I have collected them out of water
troughs in my brother's stables, and from wooded and sunny temporary pools.
This time I found daphnia with them, but usually I don't get them both in the
same pools.

Bob Dixon