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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #131

I have had a recent positive experience raising daphnia which may be useful to
others and will also help keep the live food discussion going.
	I have a 125 gallon polyethylene tub on the back patio that I enclosed with
decorative trim and planted water lilies in pots. Last year my intent was that
iw would raise daphnia in it for my killifish. It never really worked and I
ended up putting White Clouds in it for the summer. It was very decorative and
nice on the deck but no daphnia. I drained the pond for the winter. this
spring I refilled it put out the tropical and hardy water lilies and decided
to try daphnia again.
	The water turned murky and the daphnia thrived for about 3 weeks and then the
daphnia diminished and the water became clear. Thinking that the daphnia had
exhausted the food supply, I addes a packet of Fleischman's Yeat that I had
"proofed" with a teaspoonful of sugar in a glass of water because it was old
yeast. Within six hours I had enough daphnia to feed about half of my breeding
killies (about 60 tanks). So, two days later when the water cleared I did it
again and it worked. Two things were different than what I had tried last
1) 	I "proofed" the yeast - even with fresh yeast I remember now that Joergen
Scheel used to recommend adding sugar to his daphnia culture.
2) 	I used a whole packet of yeast!

	I will keep it going as long as I can and report on it later.

Lee Harper