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Related german List

Having seen few .de and .at subscribers here, I would like to announce
the following:

This year we started a related german list, dealing with all aquatic
invertebrates living in non-marine waters. That means mostly shrimps
and crayfishes, but also Fairy Shrimps, Artemia, large branchipods,
Water Fleas,  snails, mussels etc. 
This list is called "Arbeitskreis Wirbellose Tiere der Binnengewässer"
and may be subscribed at majordomo at hummel_kiss.de with 

subscribe wirbellose 

as text.

and may be 


to get further support.

Discussions are running at wirbellose at hummel_kiss.de . Discussion
language is german. Feel free to contact me for additional

So long,
Stephan Pflume
Abt. Vegetationskunde und Populationsbiologie
Wihlelm-Weber-Str 2. 37075 Goettingen