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Slug licking!(Actual Consumption!)

Hello All

I just completed a week long first aid/wilderness survival course in 
which the main instructor mentioned that slugs can be a source of food 
in survival situations.  Well on the last night of this camp we had a 
camp out and after complete boredom had settled in some one decided to 
use a slug as a marshmallow ie he roasted it.  After eating it and 
making weird faces he said he want to see if he could do it.  Ok but it 
was ment to be in a pinch the instructor said.  Well after word of this 
feat got around the camp a "friendly" slug eating competition set in.  
They decide to up the ante by eating the slugs raw.  At first they were 
small black ones but then someone found the king of the slugs... 
Washington States' invertebrate mascot the 8 inch+ banana slug.  When 
this thing pulled its head in it looked like some form of animal 
dropping, but this didn't stop the sober for way to long campers (oh 
this was a completely sober event and most people there were very fond 
of their bottles) from chowing down on this green brown turd!!! I gaged 
as soon as it hit his mouth, and nearly pucked when he chewed it a few 
times but after someone handed him $15 for eating it he said it was 
quite tasty...but definitely not like a banana.

Why culture when you can collect?  a little beer and you'll have all the 
slugs you want.

Dave Lains

>Subject: Slug licking!
>When I was in high school I voluntered at a week long outdoor school 
for 6th
>graders. I did this twice a year for three years. One of my favorite 
things to
>show the kids is that if you lick a slug your tounge goes numb. I would 
>demonstrate for the kids and then give them a turn. I would aways have 
>both boys and girls. I have licked somewhere over 20 frogs in my time. 
>Any way, my frogs and newts love them also (I have a lot of numb frog 
>go out side and collect the small guys on a regular basis. I was just
>wondering if anyone else feeds slugs and has anyone given thought to 
culturing them?

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