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Re: Moina

Hi Luis,

	Sorry to be late in getting back to you, I get the list in digest
format, and read it as I can.
	I have been culturing Moina obtained from mudholes and ditches locally
for a while now. I don't know where you live, but they occur as a common
part of almost any still small "body of water" that is relatively
predator free here in south Arkansas. I could send you a live starter
culture, but resting eggs would be a much easier way to go. I have to
have a week or so to bring some to egg production stage, but write me
privately if you want some of the eggs.
	You might try looking for some yourself first though. They are clear,
whereas daphnia have color, otherwise just smaller. Best way I find them
is to get a jar with a lid, get some ditch water with some bottom mud,
put this jar aside in a good spot at home with the lid loose, wait a
couple of weeks. The eggs that are dormant will hatch, and there you go.
Quite easy once you find a good spot. Even works after the ditch or
mudhole has dried up! Just get some of the dirt from the first 1/2 inch
or so and put it in good water (I often use creek water), then wait.
	I can say that I have had much better luck with raising Moina than with
daphnia. They are much more heat tolerant, and aren't as picky on water

Good luck,


> Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 16:50:22 -0400
> From: "Luis F. Morales, Jr." <lmorales at ms_com>
> Subject: Looking for Moina and ceriodaphnia cultures
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a starter culture of Moina and ceriodaphnia. I'm a
> serious tropical fish hobbyist and allready culture several species of
> live food including algae.  I have been totally unsucessful in
> identifying anyone who has Moina.  I have found several environmental
> firms that have cultures of ceriodaphnia but the price is rather high
> for a hobbyist.
> I'm hoping someone out there is culturing these two organisms and would
> be willing to part with a starter culture or can point me in the right
> direction. I am willing to pay for the culture and shipping.
> Thanks,
> Luis Morales
> lmorales at ms_com