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Re: Brine shrimp eggs

I was introduced to the concept of feeding unhatched decapsulated eggs by
Kaycy Ruffer, an Apistogramma breeder/wholesaler in CA.  She also distributes
them at a significant discount.  She buys them wholesale and resells them to
folks on the Apisto mailing list and elsewhere.  I got 500 grams (about 2o oz)
for just under $25 US (about the same price I pay for 100 gr. of the stuff I
hatch).  They are manufactured from low hatch-rate eggs which have been
rejected by the major-name shrimp houses.

They tend to float, but you can stir a small amount in a cup of water and in
about 10 minutes or so they sink.  I sometimes just dump them on the surface
of the tank in the morning and let the surface turbulence get them wet.  My
baby Apistos will eat them after they have been free-swimming about 4 days.  I
hatch regular brine for the first 4 or 5 days feedings, then switch.  The fry
don't seem to mind the change, and growth is good.  I also end up with a lot
fewer shells floating around the rim of my tanks.

Bob Dixon