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Re: Brine Shrimp eggs

> Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 15:28:36 -0600
> From: "David W. Webb" <dwebb at ti_com>
> A lot of discussion has occurred on the killifish list about feeding
> decapsulated brine shrimp eggs to killifish fry instead of hatching the
> eggs first.

Could you summarize this discussion for us?  Do they sink or float?  How
willing are fry to eat them?  

> The discussion began because of a reference to a commercial brine shrimp
> web site: http://www.brineshrimpdirect.com/
> I read this site and found it quite interesting.  

Me too.  It sure sounds like an easier way of feeding brine shrimp to fry
that don't absolutely require moving foods.  The decapsulated cysts should
be higher in nutrition than frozen baby brine shrimps, too.  Plus it's a
good way to use cysts (eggs) with a low hatching rate.