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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #107


	Your idea of attracting the mosquitoes to a container of tad veggies (
large grass pullings and vitamin rich dandelions - none of this stuff
diced through a greasy lawnmower) is a great idea. Collecting the egg
rafts off of that to raise them elsewhere is also good and makes their
harvesting easier. However if you have space outside, leave them in that
(shaded) ten gallon tank there with the mash from the bucket. Since they
are air breathers, you can pack the organics in with them and they will
just grow faster.

	In fact I have just poured them from such a bucket into an identical
one. The first with the plant material is refilled with water. The
second is watched until the mosquitos are harvestable and poured through
a fine mesh net. The water poured through can either be used again for
mosquitos or to water the garden.

	Larvae harvested from such a culture will smell, however a couple of
gentle rinsings and they don't then seem to bother my fish. But the
harvesting net goes back outside!

	Almost any organic will be good for feeding them. Your point about not
wanting certain substances indoors makes good sense.

	library note: Master's Encyclopedia of Live Foods (TFH), Jocker's Live
Foods For The Aquarium & Terrarium (TFH) or Needham et al's Laboratory
Culture of Invertibrate Animals (Dover) are found through library
searches and in used book stores. They have tons of ideas.

	When raising stuff (usually daphnia, mosquitos too) indoors, I have
also found milk bottle rinsings handy. Dairy products will work (ie:
rinsings from yogurt containers), but be moderate with them, as you
would be with the yeast.

	Your harvesting of eggs with a q-tip is interesting. Then your finger
doesn't smell like whiskey!

		All the best!

> Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 20:59:05 -0700
> From: "Toan T." <RiceGuy at stones_com>
> Subject: food for mosqiuto larvas
> Here we go into summer, when mosquito larvae blooms. I
> am trying to find a good way of growing mosquito larvae
> in a clean, non-contaminated environment. I am thinking
> that I can leave a small bucket outside and fill it with
> every organic. The mosquitoes will quickly lay their
> rafters and I can pick them up with a q-tip. I would have
> a ten gallon tank at home with clean water that I can
> then float the rafters in, hatch them, and grow them to a
> good size. I am thinking of yeast as a food source for
> them. Any thoughts?