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Organics for mosquito culture

Hello All

I've had great success with a kiddy swimming pool that is 6 feet in 
diameter.  I started it with a bag of composted chicken manure and grass 
clippings, but don't over do it because in the heat of the summer you 
won't be the most popular person on the block!  

The manure and the clippings cause the infusorians to explode and the 
daphnia and mosquito larvae ride the shock wave right into the mouths of 
desirable creatures.

This "culture" produces more than enough daphnia, in the fall and spring 
and tons of mosquito larvae in the summer.  I've even collected generous 
helpings of blood worms in the past.  

Good luck 
>Here we go into summer, when mosquito larvae blooms. I
>am trying to find a good way of growing mosquito larvae
>in a clean, non-contaminated environment. I am thinking
>that I can leave a small bucket outside and fill it with
>every organic. The mosquitoes will quickly lay their
>rafters and I can pick them up with a q-tip. I would have
>a ten gallon tank at home with clean water that I can
>then float the rafters in, hatch them, and grow them to a
>good size. I am thinking of yeast as a food source for
>them. Any thoughts?
>- -Toan Tran
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