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[Fwd: Daphnia temperatures]

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>> From: George Slusarczuk <yurko at warwick_net>
>> If you get several responses at what temperature people keep their
>> Daphnia, please let me know.
>Here in Vancouver we keep a species (or two) of daphnia which were
>collected originally from local streams in our region. They grow even in
>ice covered water and I have found them in my outdoor containers in
>temps around 5-10C. I've also kept these same daphnia indoors at around
>20C and they also did very well.
>I think Paul Krombholz may have recommended slightly higher temps for
>daphnia but he may be culturing some from his local Mississippi state.
>Steve Pushak

I have D. pulex, which I got in from some culture somebody had at the
University of Wisconsin back in the early 60's.  I don't know where the
original culture came from, but they seem to be rather intolerant of
temperatures above 85 degrees F.  If the air conditioning fails in the
Science Building, (which it does once or twice a summer) the D. pulex dies
out in some of my plant cultures.  I also have D. magna, and havn't seen
any heat sensitivity in them, yet.  I have a very tiny species of Daphnia
(or Ceriodaphnia), that also hasn't shown any sensitivity to high

Paul Krombholz, in warmer central Mississippi, with high clouds.   

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