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Daphnia temperatures

Hi all,

	A more legitimate question.... In other conversations with a friend
from Florida, he mentioned that his Daphnia "pulex" never did well at
warm temperatures or well below 50 degrees F. The so called pulex that I
have had around for the last 17 years doesn't do well in warm
temperatures either. However it will do very well at 50 degrees and will
even thrive under a couple of inches of ice if there is not too much
organic debris under that ice sucking up the free oxygen. (It is no fun
harvesting it then though!)

	Part of the problem is that what we are calling pulex (or magna for
that matter) in different parts of the U.S. and elsewhere may not be the
same creature. What temperatures do your so called pulex do well at?



PS: It is great to see George S. holding forth. George, anything you get
involved with gains a touch of class!