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Re: Blood worms

> Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 22:16:43 -0600
> From: "Barry Barlow" <bbarlow at camcomp_com>
> After searching the archives to no avail, I have a question or questions.
> 1) Does anyone have information about culturing bloodworms?

The National University of Singapore has some web pages about the tropical
fish industry there, including a lot of info on how bloodworms are propagated.

> 2) I understand these are the larva of midge flys, does anybody know if they
> are present in south Georgia?

They are the larvae of Chironomid midges.  I'm no entomologist, but these
critters are found in Africa, the Far East and even in my backyard in
Ontario, Canada, so there's almost certainly a species in your area!
(Btw, the bloodworms that show up in my backyard are a lot smaller than
the frozen ones I buy that come from the Far East.)