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Fwd: Blood worms

Forwarded non-member submission follows:

>  Forwarded text: 
>  From: klaus.schoening at jungle_org (Segeberger)
>  Subject: Live Foods Digest V2 #90 
>  Date: Thu, 02 Apr 1998 07:20:13 GMT
>  -> Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 22:16:43 -0600
>  -> From: "Barry Barlow" <bbarlow at camcomp_com>
>  -> Subject: Blood worms
>  -> After searching the archives to no avail, I have a question or 
>  -> questions.
>  -> 1) Does anyone have information about culturing bloodworms?
>  -> 2) I understand these are the larva of midge flys, does anybody know 
>  -> if they are present in south Georgia?
>  -> Thanks in advance for the info I cant find this info anywhere
>  -> Barry Barlow
>  -> bbarlow at camcomp_com
>   Well 1.  do a search for jay exners live food page in yahoo. he has a
>  link to Moina culture in southeast asia.  They also have a page there
>  for bloodworm culture.  
>  Bloodworms are available worldwide.  Anyplace that has water probably
>  has bloodworms!  If you are near a distillery there are probably
>  bloodworms by the millions in the sediment downstream.  I had a friend
>  that took care of a fish farm for the EPA where they cultured fathead
>  minnows.  He had to clear the aquatic plants out periodically.  In
>  amongst the hornwort where literally thousands of bloodworms.
>  Collecting them was kind of a hassle, but they arent that hard to
>  culture provided you begin with enough stock. 
>  Kordon sells bloodworm satchels that are available in some retail
>  stores.   I have also seen them available on some mail order houses
>  lists.  Kind of expensive that way but its one way to obtain them.
>  Barry Thoele has them for sale in quantity mail him at
>  liveaqua at brainerd_net
>  Bloodworms stay in cocoons most of the day and can be more easily
>  collected at night when they can be seen writhing through the water.  An
>  aquarium net will do the trick.
>  Well thats a start for ya!