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Re:Mites Invading my red worms

> Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 10:41:17 -0600
> From: "David W. Webb" <dwebb at ti_com>
> Subject: Fwd: Mites Investing My Red Worms (Wigglers)

> It started with just a few small Mites on the surface now there are

> thousands.

> I have not fed these worms any other thing which would introduce the Mites.

> My reasoning is they occurred in the initial starter worm supply or the
> Coconut husks brick.
> Where do these Mites come from?
> Are  they harmful to the worm colony?
> If so, how do I  kill  them -  without killing the worms?

The best way to kill the  mites would be to pick out as many worms as you can
and rinse them under cold water this will remove any mites and or mite eggs.
Prepare a new soild base for the cleaned worms. I have not used the material
that you have mentioned only soil and peatmoss. The mites are found all over
your home, in the carpets, heating vents, pretty well everywhere. Hope this
helps you out a bit. Also mites will/can kill smaller worms such as white and
grindal worms so its wise to keep them under control.

Brad Hudson

Brad Hudson
Mississauga Ontario Canada
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