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Re: Rotifers

> Mach T. Fukada wrote:
> I am looking for freshwater rotifer cysts or a starter culture of either B.
> rubens or B. calyciflorus.  I have been told that they are included in the
> instant infusoria products,  howeverI have never gotten any of them to work
> for me (maybe to old after going via the slow boat to Hawaii).  Anyone know
> of sources or would be willing to sell. give, lend, etc a starter culture?

Can't help you with the specific species that you are looking for.
However, a good mix of infusoria... including rotifers, can be spontaneously
obtained simply by filling a gallon jar of aquarium water and adding lettuce.
Let the stuff sit for a few weeks to get nice and rotten.  You will soon have
all sorts of infusoria living in this environment. 

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