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Fwd: Mites Investing My Red Worms (Wigglers)

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 20:15:28 -0800
To: Live-Foods at actwin_com
From: Howard Broman <Howard at rosejewelry_com>
Subject: Mites Investing My Red Worms (Wigglers)

It started with just a few small Mites on the surface now there are

I recently purchased  a clever worm keeping idea from an Australian
manufacturer called " Can of Worms" from the U.S. distributor.  I ordered
two pounds of worms as a starter.The initial organic feeding medium was
Coconut husks compressed into a small brick,which is soaked in water in
order to expand into a nice mulch. I have not fed these worms any other
thing which would introduce the Mites.  

My reasoning is they occurred in the initial starter worm supply or the
Coconut husks brick.

Where do these Mites come from?  

Are  they harmful to the worm colony?

If so, how do I  kill  them -  without killing the worms?

By the way, the Red Wigglers are fat and happy with alot of little happy

I'm very behind in  reading my posts, I hope this hasn't been asked to many
 times :-).  If so, my apologies.
                                             Howard Broman
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