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Asellus and Gammarus

Bentley Christie wrote: <<<<<
If your little woodlice-looking critters are dorso-ventrally flattened 
(top to bottom) and they crawl around on the bottom or on vegetation
are almost certainly isopods (Order: Isopoda, Genera: Asellus,
etc.).  If however these creatures typically cling to vegetation, are 
laterally flattened (side to side), typically swim when disturbed, and 
have a somewhat arched body they are likely amphipods (Order: Amphipoda,
Genera: Gammarus, Hyalella etc.)  In either case they should make great 
fish food!! 
Both Amphipods and Isopods are typically omnivores (eating essentially 
anything), thus likely aren't too finicky when it comes to feeding them.
I'm sure a flake fish food would be eaten readily by both.(...)>>>>>

Even if you probably know this, just a remainder for everybody
on the list:
Some parasites (I know of the Acanthocephala) use both
isopods or amphipods as intermediate host. In simple
terms, these critters may introduce some pathogens, 
and also allow for their multiplication in the presence also 
of fish. 
If collected from waters containing fish, have them multiplicate for
a few generations in a fish-free tank before you introduce
them to tanks with fish, and this will likely
prevent any problem.

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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