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soy ink - "SAFE?"

>Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 11:35:45 EST
>From: Tigershado at aol_com
>Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #54
><< Subject: corrugated as bedding medium >>
>I was thinking about giving this a try &  was wondering if soy ink would be
>considered "safe"? I have several boxes printed with the stuff.
>Barbara Corley
>Tigershado at aol_com

Hello Barbara and the list,

	All oil based printing inks, be they soy or linseed oil based have
got compounds in them which cause them to polymerize or "dry". The most
popular dryers are heavy metal compounds. Soy inks are not really as safe
as some inkmakers would like us to believe. But, that is another story.

My recomendation is to avoid any printing if you can.

Charles H Harrison
National Laser Cartridge Service