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corrugated as bedding meduim

>Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 14:41:46 +0200
>From: "Phillip Hansen" <skilphil at zenertech_com>
>Subject: Worms & cardboard
>I agree the website http://gnv.fdt.net/~windle/ "The Burrow" is a mine of
>usefull info.
>One thing I would be would be carefull/worried about useing cardboard is
>the printing ink.
>There is the possibility of the worms ingesting something that could affect
>the fish.
>On the other hand I would think it is easier to harvest them than digging
>through a box of peat.
>Do you still add other food?
>The other thing mentioned on the site is not to feed the worms potato
>peelings. I have been using peelings (parboiled) as suggested by someone and
>the worms are thriving. Anybody got an idea why peelings could be a problem.

Well All,
	First off I select portions of the boxes without any printing
before I start shredding, avoiding that question.

	The corrugated forming uses starches and other complex carbohydrate
natural products to make the layers stick together and this in itself adds
food value to the bedding media. The cheeper the better is the rule at the
box makers and the natural products are the least expensive. Gums and
starches and wood fibers are the major ingredients.
	It all sounded strange to me at first until I tried the idea. After
a month, I am still asking questions and learning.

	The worm farmers who raise the worms I get in the little styro
boxes I have purchased for fish food over the years have methods which I
would like to understand. And just what do they do about the printing inks
in the shredded news paper they use for bedding? Ink is hard to avoid on
news paper. Should we not purchase these worms from the commercial farms?

	If one wants to avoid those trace chemicals, pesticides,
herbicides, flame retarders, and other water and air borne chemicals in our
environment being introduced into our near extinct fish,

>>>first off, -- don't smoke around the fish tanks or intake source of air.

>>>second - all water and air used in the fish room must be filtered
>>>through activated charcoal,

>>>third - those foam filters(talk about additives!) most of us use should
>>>be removed in favor of a simple air bubbler

Of course, in my opinion, the great success many have had since the RO
water introduction comes from the fact that RO units include a carbon
filter as well as making the fish keeper think that he/she has a much
larger source of "good" water that, in fact, more water gets changed more
often and it is cleaner water.

	OH! the extra food, yes I use the precooked vitamin fortified Oat
Meal, Instant Oats, or something like that . . what ever is next to Quaker
Instant Oat meal.

Al Anderson wrote:
>Al & Lana Anderson" <killiman at indy_net>
>Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:45:01 -0500
>Subject: Re: Red Wigglers
>Dr. Harrison,
>A couple of questions if you do not mind sir?
>What types of chemicals are found in the glues and inks on this card board?
>Will these glues and or inks, increase or decrease fertility?
>Should one ad powdered lime to the food or soil to sweeten it?

>I think that it is better to use sweetened peat for a bedding to raise fish
>food in when the fish are near extinction!! If you wish to raise bait to go
>fishing with then use your paper.

SLAKA     e-mail to csharrison at primary_net
 Change as much of your water
as often as you can!