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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #47

 In a message dated 2/15/98 5:49:31 PM, you wrote:
 >Date: Sun, 15 Feb 1998 01:05:09 -0800
 >From: Jeremy <adamsjer at ucs_orst.edu>
 >Subject: Salt?
 >Silly question time. How much salt do you add to water for hatching baby
 I use 2 tablespoonsful per 2 liter bottle at 85 F with aeration. The brine
 shrimp only live 36 hours under these conditions because I hatch a lot (about
 1 teaspoonful of eggs) each day. If I want them to live longer (for example,
 if I expect to be away for a day), I hatch them at a cooler temperature and
 less concentrated. I don't think you can keep a lot alive without aeration.
 Mine are dead the first day if the air stops!
	Hope this helps.
 Lee Harper