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Re: Culture medium/Red Wigglers

> Date: Sat, 7 Feb 1998 22:17:48 -0600
> From: Charles <csharrison at primary_net>
> 	I have been out and about in Cyberspace reading  some of the web
> pages on vermin culture and have found some interesting information
> regarding culture media of my favorite food, (sic) for my fishes, the red
> wiggler and wonder if anybody else has ever tried the culture, red
> wigglers, in some media other than peat moss or potting soil or
> combinations thereof. 

That's "vermiculture" not "vermin culture"! :-)

I use crumpled newspaper and feed my worms kitchen scraps.  The newspaper
disappears pretty fast.  It's easier to just crumple up a few sheets than
to tear it into strips, which is also recommended.

I feed my worms mostly kitchen scraps.  Newspaper + worms + garbage =
black potting soil pretty rapidly.