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Re: Termites

Don't need a queen.  In most species a bunch of termites will form
secondary reproductives.  There are always fertile male and female sub
adults in the colony.  In the formosan sub termites any worker could grow
up to become a reproductive.  I will suspect that you need only a good size
bunch of these buggers and they will get going eventually.  Only problem is
in the case of our termites they will keep on going escape and recolonize.
Not the kind of thing you want in your house.  You might want to put out
sections of untreated 2X4 into the ground in areas known to be infested.
Here in some places in Hawaii they will hollow it out in a matter of weeks.
Then just break it appart and collect the termites.  But please keep in
mind that they could escape and take over your house and furnishings
(counters, dressers, desks, beds, etc...)


>Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 09:13:09 -0800
>From: RiceGuy <ucmagguy at inetworld_net>
>Subject: Queen Termites
>        I've tried growing my own termites, but I've been met with much
>>From what I heard, you need the queen to grow a farm, but... well... I
>>was never
>able find one. Anyone know any way of getting one? Thanks!
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