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> combinations thereof. My latest advice has been to use shredded,
> corrugated; that is, boxes, cut up into pieces, an inch or smaller on the
> side. My wife says I am driving her insane and I'm probably going to slice
> my belly open cutting these boxes in two. So am wondering if anybody else

Hi Charles,

When I was a kid, Dad and I would shread everything from leaves to
newspaper to cardboard to large branches to make mulch using a Gravely
wood shredder attached to Dad's walk-behind. They're frighteneing
machines; use a light grip or people will nick-name you lefty. But they
sure do the job quick. Probably the best thing to do is to borrow or rent
one once a year and do a big batch. 

Please avoid all references to _Fargo_ in followups.

Hope that helps,


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