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Re: Feeder Termites

> From: bfitz at cyberstreet_com (Brian Fitzgerald), on 2/4/98 10:53 PM:
> Would termites be a good food source?

I don't see why not. Though I haven't yet tried feeding them to my fish,
I have two cloth-covered glass jars of termites that I dug out of the
woods around my house. I was trying to produce a supply feed to my anole
lizards  who love them. I've had them in my closets for months and check
them occasionally to see if they are multiplying since I wasn't positive
that I had gotten the breeders. They seem to be. And they're really easy
to care for - all they need is a jar full of some half rotted damp wood
and a little soil. Some biological supply houses may sell termite eggs,
but I've never tried those yet.

smh at tyler_net