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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #28

>From: "Pierluigi e Simone Vicini" <psvicini at mdnet_it>
>Subject: white little worms
>I think I'm having a big trouble in my aquarium and I hope that some of you
>can help me out of this.
>I found, during my water change, some very little worms floating around in
>my tank. They really look like Tubifex but they are totally white and a
>little smaller, I think that this may become a big problem for my fishes
>because there were hundreds of them.
>Is there a way to kill them and how did they get into my aquarium.
Sound like planaerian worms to me. They are present in most tanks and live
in the gravel. The population explosion you are experiencing is probaly due
to and excess of food (perhaps overfeeding). They are unsightly and
harmless but for some strange reason most fish seem to ignore them although
some say Gouramies eat them. To get rid of them remove the fish and plants
and raise the water tempreature. Normally a dose of good filtration and
reduction of food will reduce the population and send them back into the

Subject: Earthworms

I have now got a thriving earthworm setup in operation.
Some conservation  laws (related to crayfish/lobster) rule out the catching
of adults as they are the breeders and allow the removal of smaller
Does this apply to worms?
I should not think so as eathworms are under little threat. Although here
in the UK there is apparently now a problem with a large carniviourous
earthworm (it eats the native species) that has come from New Zealand.

My farm / box has more small worms than bigger ones. The removal of the big
ones would seem to me to be removing the egg layers. Or do they reach sexual
maturity early and the small ones also lay eggs?

Simply remove the worms of a size most suitable to feed your fish. There is
an article on culturing earthworms on our web site in the Back Pages Section.

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