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Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #28

Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #28
In a message dated 98-01-31 16:07:16 EST, Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)

 I think I'm having a big trouble in my aquarium and I hope that some of you
 can help me out of this.
 I found, during my water change, some very little worms floating around in
 my tank. They really look like Tubifex but they are totally white and a
 little smaller, I think that this may become a big problem for my fishes
 because there were hundreds of them.
 Is there a way to kill them and how did they get into my aquarium.
 Please help me, trust me there are tons of them.

Are they
(1) "very little" or
(2) only " a little smaller" than Tubifex?

Tubifex are about 2inches so "a little smaller" could be upwards of half an
inch.  Whereas very little could be just visible.  

This is a reply that we often send to questions like the one above ...  it
seems a good time to post it again.

It is really hard for even an entomologist - let alone the average fish keeper
to correctly identify the genus let alone the species from a description such
as the one above -- this is NOT a flame!  We would suggest to anyone who is
interested in identifying a critter that you take a picture of them.  If you
can't photograph them draw a simple picture -- or both.  Try to put the size
scale into the photo or picture -- either draw it in by hand or use a ruler in
the photo.

Once you have a picture scan it into your computer and post it on the web --
WAIT, we realize that many people do not have a scanner.  We also realize that
many people do not have their own site that can be accessed from the web.
However, we suggest this because a picture is worth a gigabyte of ascii.  In
addition, we do not allow downloading of  files sent to us electronically, so
a picture posted on the web is the only kind we will look at.  It is also a
good way of avoiding obnoxious stuff.

We realize that this type of  question (what is this bug -- insect lava --
critter?) comes up all the time.  So we are willing to do the following:  If
you snailmail the picture or photo to us at the post office box address below
we will scan it, put the scan on our site at
http://members.aol.com:/larval1/index.htm, and see if we or someone else can
identify it.  We will then post the identification and -- if the sender has
included his/her e-mail address with the photo -- we will post a reply
directly back to them.

Send pictures to:
Critter Photos
P.O. Box 641541
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1541

What you get:
Identification of your critter.
What we get:
A better informed fish keeper who is more willing to feed live food.  And
expanded information on our web page at

If you do send you e-mail address we will _NEVER_ sell it, give it away, or
release it for any reason.