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Re: Grindal worms

	If they are beetles, sounds like you may have an infestation of
nitidulidae (sap or souring beetles), staphylinidae (rove beetles), or
anthribidae (fungus beetles).  Most feed on decaying organic matter,
however if they are rove beetles they might be eating you grindals (as they
feed on carrion or the insects/invertrbrates attracted to carrion).  but I
have noticed lots of round things in my grindal cultures and was told they
are eggs and I can find no reason to think the contrary.  But then again
mine don't move....


>Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:54:16 -0700
>From: Christopher Carrigan <carrigan at mail_pris.bc.ca>
>Subject: Grindal worms, do they have friends?
>I am currently keeping a culture of Grindal worms. They have been slowing
>down of late, and it notice a lot of little white globules. When i sprincle
>pablum on them each day even the golobule wiggle. This prompted me to get
>out the microscope and see what was going on in there. Well it turns out
>these globules are little translucent beetles of some sort. about as wide
>as a grindal but only twice as long as wide. they seem to be climbing over
>each other, and over the worms. They do have two black spots on their
>backs, the rest of hte body as i say is similar to the worms. Question. Are
>they related, ie part of the lifecylce, or just friends, or are they eating
>my worms? (would they make good fish food)? Thanks.
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