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Vinegar eels

From: "Rick " <rick71 at sprynet_com>
To: <live-foods at actwin_com>
Subject: Vinegar eels
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 23:23:45 -0700

What is the best way to harvest vinegar eels to feed to fry? I've read that
I should hang a strip of scouring pad in the vinegar, the eels climb in,
then you lift up the pad and the vinegar drips out, leaving the eels, and
you swish the pad around in the tank to release the eels into the water. It
doesn't seem to be working. The eels apparently aren't going into the
scouring pad, plus it seems like I'm putting vinegar into the fry tank.
I've tried pouring the vinegar through baby brine shrimp nets, different
types of cloth, coffee filters and even paper towels (which worked best,
but not well enough to really use that method). Any suggestions would be
appreciated. Thanks.
[Rick & Dana Scott]