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question re BBS

From: Jim Robinson <jimr at vrx_net>
To: "killies at mejac_palo-alto.ca.us" <killies at mejac_palo-alto.ca.us>
CC: "LiKillieTalk at AKA_orgve-Foods"@actwin.com
Subject: question re BBS

Hi there y'all, eh;
	There was a thread a short time ago concerning BBS and its lack of
HUFA's which I understand to be Long chain fatty acids. The crux of the
thread was that one could not raise marine young on BBS because it had
no HUFA's and marine fish didn't have the capability of producing it
	On the weekend a friend was mentioning that he had bred the marine
Pterapogon kauderni about a month and a half ago. He stated that they
were all doing well and had more than doubled their size on a diet of
only BBS. He was unaware of the lack of HUFA's and consequently did
nothing to enrich the BBS.
	Was he just very lucky, is there something different about this
fish or
do some marine fish not need large amout of HUFA's? His experience has
run counter to the current wisdom. Anyone have any ideas?
	TTFN, eh
Jim Robinson
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Mississauga, Ontario,
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