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Re: Feeding daphnia

>	I have tried feeding yeast, spirulina and yeast residues from
brewing beer to
>my daphnia culture, which is a buried  (round end just above ground level)
>plastic 55 gallon drum outside. I get either no effect on yield or a
>drastically reduced yield (overfeeding?).  What are the dimensions,
>temperatures, water, etc. of your daphnia culture?  Mine do OK in Spring
>Fall but never a lot - perhaps enough twice a week to feed a small amount
to a
>dozen or so tanks of breeding pairs.
>	In the summer, I get some daphnia when the weather is cool, none
when it is
>hot. In the winter, I get none, even on warm days like today (air
>in the 60s). I would like to set up a system, outdoors or indoors that
>either produce more or at least produce year round.
>Lee Harper
I cannot compare your system to mine as they are totally different.I am
using a plywood tank with a glass insert
.It measures 29" by 48" by19"tall.About 120 gal. The tepurature is 75
degrees,ph about 7.3,the water is a mix of rain water and tap water(50 x
50)a vigorous air supply.Snails are present and I watch to see that their
are always some on the bottom.If not I always use a gravel vacuum and
remove any sediment as it is fouling the water.This happens easily so I
have been Vaccuuming the tank every 2 or 3 days(5 gallon or so).For a while
I had trouble similar to yours so I put a large sponge filter in and ran it
till the water was clear and went back to feeding the culture.Suddenly the
culture took off.I have three 29 gal. tanks with the same problem and have
just put sponge filters in them.As soon as the water clears I'll remove the
filters and let you know what happens.
  Personal opinion:I think your 55 gal drum is to deep.If you can get
another plastic drum and cut it in half lengthways and aireate it I think
you would have more success.Better yet get the plans for a plywood tank and
make one like mine.
 Have you checked on the live foods list?