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Need Help: Flightless Houseflies

I need help. I bought flightless houseflies from Testa
http://www.primenet.com/~adicus/testa.html but unfortunately the little
buggers aren't as hardy or prolific as thier wild relatives. Testa
recommended feeding them wet dog food on which they'd lay thier eggs.
Well, they do lay thier eggs on the dogfood, but the dog food becomes
covered with mold, rapidly turning into a blue-green blob that I wind up
flushing it. The larvae don't seem to hatch fast enough to churn up the
dog food and discourage the mold. Unhappily, when I've attempted to
speed up the hatching process with warmth, I also sped up the molding
process. :( I've been experimenting with various mediums, but haven't
had much luck so far. The houseflies don't seem to care much for
fruitfly medium. One time I thought I had finally gotten some larvae
from the last batch of houseflies in a cooked homemade cereal medium
with a tiny pinch of mixed lime and sulfur added to stop the mold.
Turned out to be nothing but wild fruitflies who seem to be genuises at
getting into jars to spite everything. AURGH!

I'd really appreciate if someone out there could give me some advice on
raising houseflies.

smh at tyler_net