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Re:(Readybrek, not sure if available outside UK)

Hi,you guys in the UK. And Happy New Year!
	 this is Charles Harrison in St. Louis.
	We in the USA are wondering what is in the description of the
contents of the container that your "Readybrek " is packaged in? I feel
certain there is another cereal sold in the States which is the same.
	Who makes and packages the stuff?

My long term staple food for white 'n grindal worms,and micro-worms has
been Gerber's "Single Grain Oatmeal Cereal for Baby". This stuff starts up
a yeast population in hours. The primary ingredient reported on the label
is Oat Flour. The label states the product is completely cooked and ready
to serve. Just add liquid. Gerber also packages a Rice product and some
mixtures of various grains for their Baby Food line of foods ready to eat,
just add Hot Water. The product is dry, stable and I keep it dry in the
origional box in my freezer along with the BS eggs, etc.

Really wanting to know "What is Readybrek?" in St. Louis.

Charles Harrison

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