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Re: Leeches

From: lund at umbi_umd.edu (Eric Lund)

>> On Sat, 27 Dec 1997, Norm & Susan  wrote:
>> > We have never had a problem with feeding blackworms and the fish love
>> > But...we have notice in our last few batches of black worms, that some
>> > them were flat and would stick to the container when we rinsed them.
>> > didnt dawn on me that they might not be a blackworm because they were
>> > almost the same color.


Nevin wrote:

>Hi All, The things you are describing as leeches may not be leeches. I
>suspect that they may be Planaria which also are found in habitats with
>lots of organic material. You should be able to tell leeches from
>Planaria (a flatworm). Planaria usually have a triangular shaped head
>with 2 pale eye spots.

I agree with Nevin on this one.  I often get a few Planaria in my blackworm
purchases. As far as I know they are harmless to fish -- more of a nuisance
than a hazzard.  I usually try to remove them while washing my worms simply
because the fish don't like to eat them.


Eric Lund

lund at umbi_umd.edu