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Re: Leeches

From: lauross at net66_com (Laura Nanko & Ross Cronkhite)

>I used to grow my own blackworms (accidently) I had a 55 gallon tank with
>BIG oscars, I fed them trout feed (cheep). They were very messy eaters and
>dropped a lot of feed in the tank which sank to the bottom and got lost in
>the gravel. I used one of those old 600gph Supreme SuperKing power filters
>and changed half of the water each week (vaccuming the gravel as well). I
>had fed a few blackworms to the oscars and they must have escaped. But
>time I vaccummed the gravel I pulled dozens of blackworms out of the
>gravel. They must have liked the trout feed and oscar doo. I do not
>recommend you all running out and buying oscars but a spare tank with
>gravel and well filtered water and a small hand of trout feed and who
>Well thats my $5 worth, sorry for the long volume.
This is the way that Aquatic Research Organisms keeps their black worms

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