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fish food

I'm forwarding a whole bunch of live-food related messages from the
killifish list.  I've done my best to get permission on these and if I post
something without permission, I apologize.  Some of the postings will be
delayed because I don't have permission from everyone yet.

Forwarded message follows:
From: Cal <cal at cka_org>

In a message dated 12/11/97 4:39:51 AM, you wrote:
	I have been feeding tubifex, daphnia, black worms, glass worms and
hatched brine shrimp on a regular basis (depending on supply) for 30 +
As a consequence I have made these observations:
	1) Killies do fine on just newly hatched brine shrimp, but egg
production is
minimal. I am now experimenting with Sanders Total Gold 2 supplement.
	2) Addition of tubifex to the daily diet of brine shrimp increases
production of killies - almost the next day!
	3) Daphnia are a sort of treat which helps stimulate egg production
when used
with brine shrimp, but not  like tubifex.
	4) Black worms are easier to get and keep, but I almost always have
had bad
experiences with fish dying unexplainedly after feeding black worms. Even
larger fish who can handle whole black worms and smaller fish that I chop
for have died after eating black worms. The incidence of this occurring is
small, and I forget ocassionally and feed black worms because I can't get
tubifex worms. It's always an irreplaceable fish that dies!  The evidence
anecdotal but pretty convincing to me.
Sorry to hear that you have problems with blackworms.  Obviously you have a
great number of years of experience.

The blackworm that I get is a black variety of the tubifex worm.  Perhaps I
am not getting the same worm as you and others who have responded to my
statement.  I believe my worms originally come from California, (if this

If would seem to me that feeding one type of tubifex would react in a
similar fashion to the other type.

Although I use white worms, I do not find that my fish eat them as readily
as they do the tubifex worm.  I remember reading a study some time ago
which stated that the earthworm produced better results in relationship to
breeding than the white worm although I do not know why.  Grindal worms on
the other hand are consumed much better than either of the others, but one
would have to grow much more than I can to feed the fish, due to their

An example of feeding blackworms ( my variety), I have raised several
annual species to 14 months of age.

Cal Him