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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #130

On Wed, 24 Dec 1997 15:58:05 -0500 (EST)
In Live Foods Digest V1 #130
Christopher Carrigan
<carrigan at mail_pris.bc.ca> wrote;

> >Hello,
> > I have been trying to get some gram flour to feed my daphnia culture. I
> >cannot find any here, but had asked someone in victoria to send me some.
> >They did, however it is not called gram flour instead. According to the
> >label, it is packaged by Hanif's international foods in North Delta,
> >(Vancouver, bc), it is called Chana flour, (Besan) (curry en poudre). Is
> >this the right stuff. It does not taste like it has curry in it despite the
> >french. I have given some mixed with water  to the culture and they are
> >still alive.

Most people are only aquanted with Indian curry. Curry is simply a mixture 
of spices and all cultures have their own curry, in North and South America 
it is Chilli. Now as for the Chana, I'm familiar with the term in the 
context of dalls (India term for peas) there is chana dall and tor dall, in 
India these are a white and yellow split pea (in case you havn't guessed 
I'm big on gourmet foods). I have always understood Gram flour to be a kind 
of whole wheat flour (that is what is used to make Gram crackers), best to 
stick with trustable brands like Cerasota.

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