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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #123

>Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 16:17:09 +0200
>From: "Phillip Hansen" <skilphil at pixie_co.za>
>Subject: Earthworms
>I have now got a thriving population of earthworms which my Malawi's love.
>For convenience is it OK to freeze whole worms or is it better to cut them
>up and maybe mix with some vitamin and then freeze.

Why freeze them? You don't say whether you are culturing the earthworms
inside or out, but you certainly can maintain a productive culture indoors,
if you have a cool place to keep them. I have two large styro boxes with a
mixture of potting soil and peat moss. I introduced the so-called dwarf red
worms (obtained from Carolina Biologicals) and feed them baby cereal. I
produce enough to harvest a dozen or so worms every second day or so. I
think this would be better than freezing them. My larger killies love them.


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