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Daphnia and BS

I would like to thank the list member who manages the livebearer site in
the UK, for his instructions on feeding Daphnia with Gram Flour. I never
had success using yeast or green water, but since I started to use Gram
flour my daphnia cultures have began to increase, instead of slowly (or
rapidly, in some cases) going down. Contrarily to other people's
experience, strong aeration interrupted culture growth: maybe the
environmental conditions I have are different (for example, I use 5 gal
buckets, rather poorly illuminated).  

I also would like to report that I have twice tried the brine shrimp
decapsulation process, with good results. It does not take much time,
it's not messy, and with a tablespoon of decapsulated eggs in saturated
salt solution I have refilled a large bottle of Artemia Revolution, at a
fraction of the cost. Not too bad at all!