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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #111

> ... but I just bought a Red Slider (turtle for those who didn't know) and
> I was wondering, Is it customary for him to be such a bad hunter?

>Crickets and earthworms are almost always accepted! Most insects are
>accepted except for slugs and sow bugs they won't touch either of them!

   It's funny.  I had a big nasty Tilapia butterkopferi that refused for a
while to eat anything except slugs and sow bugs.  I called it underlog
food.  Turned his nose up at anything less disgusting.  Had my kids feed
him while I was away for a week.  They used flake food and I came home to a
dead fish that they had preserved for me in the freezer.  That is a good
way to get rid of an overgrown butterkopferi.  I hadn't come up with a plan
myself, and it did free up a tank.  Anyway, the point is, try many
different things, you might be surprised at what your pets will enjoy.
                               George - Lurking in Wilmington, DE