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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #102

 After all we heavily aerate our brine shrimp

>cultures. Forgotten baby brine shrimp cultures will usually reward one

>with a few adults if the air is just left on. For purposes of culturing

>we can think of daphnia as fresh water brine shrimp.

Forgot ton baby brine shrimp will produce a few adults if un aerated, the main reason to aerate brine shrimp eggs is to speed up wetting the dry shells to soften the shell and encourage the shrimp to hatch. No matter how much air you use a container will only support so many shrimp exactly the same as a tank will support so many fish. Here in the UK I raise brine shrimp outside during the summer in a 25 gallon tub. They reproduce in exactly the same way almost as daphnia and drop live babies if conditions are right. I can harvest a few adult shrimp every day. The culture is self limiting and regular harvesting will produce better results than leaving the culture as the remaining shrimp give birth as there is room and food for them. The same is true of daphnia cultures, aeration only allows more shrimp / daphnia per gallon the same as it allows more inches of fish per gallon. Air also help oxyidse fouled food allowing the bacteria to break it down quickly the bacteria provide food for the shrimp / daphnia which will bloom to take advantage of the excess food source, However neither creature like excessive water movement and are found in still water and if kept permanently in fast moving water tend to die out.



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