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Daphnia culture


I have read and reread the daphnia culture page. I have put cultures in two
buckets. Into one i addedsome sludge from the bottom of my fish tank, the
other nothing. I have a 60 watt bulb hanging over both pails. I have fed
them both liquifry no. 1, which is a liquid type of food for baby egg
layers. The one with out the sludge seems to still alive, where as the
other seems to have died. Should i be aeriating the pails or filtering? I
am keeping them at room temp. I tried dropping a small pinch of yellow pea
flour to see if they would eat that. I have access to sheep manure water
just outside. What would work best . Idon't want them to die. The starters
cost too much. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated quick. Thanks.

Christopher Carrigan
Arras, B.C.  V0C 1B0

carrigan at pris_bc.ca