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Re: vitamin enrichment into brine shrimp

> David,
> I found your answer to be very useful regarding HUFAs. Could you comment on
> the possibility of adding essential vitamins etc by bioencapsulation in
> brine shrimp nauplii. Are you aware of any formula of vitamins that is in a
> form that would be taken up by the nauplii during filter feeding?
> Barry
Aside from using the commercial enrichment formulas (containing vitamin
C) used in the aquaculture hatcheries, the hobbiest can add vitamins to
the emulsion formula prior to bioencapsulating the Artemia.  A liquid
Vitamin C from a health food store added to the emulsion before blending
may do the trick.  The emulsified fish oil will disperse into tiny
droplets or liposomes containing the Vitamin C.  

I use a source of stabilized Vitamin C (L-Ascorbyl-2-Polyphosphate) from
Roche which contains around 10% ascorbic acid (by weight).  This
product, called Stay-C, comes in liquid and dry form.  I add the dry
form to our menhaden oil based enrichment formula at about a 10%
inclusion rate before feeding to the 10 ton enrichment tanks.  The
Rovimix Stay-C Stabilized Vitamin C (dry mix) comes in 10 and 25 kg
drums, but you can request a 20 gram sample from Roche by calling a
Roche representative in your area. 

Hope this helps out some.