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Re: culturing fruitflies in aquaria

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mek at sco_com wrote:

	On a slightly different thread concerning "flies", I have developed
	method to rid grindal and white worm cultures on those pesky little
	black knats that invade my culture. To the lid of the plastic
	container I duct-tape a couple of those non-toxic fly strips which
	can purchase very cheaply at your local hardware store. The black
	fly up off your culture and get stuck and die. I've rid my cultures
	these pests in about 2 weeks. That's how long it takes for all of
	fly larvae to pupate and become adults. See you later, Nevin

Do you mean those 'sticky tape' things that I think are a mix of
glue and what smells like lanolin? Not sure what 'non-toxic' fly strips
are. Those sticky things are a huge pain when opening the culture, always
getting in the road...


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