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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #43

>Subject: Infusoria & Daphnia


>After finding and searching through all the messages in the archives, I

>have not found anything talking about using Infusoria as food for Daphnia.

>Is anyone doing this?  Also, is this a reasonable food source for Daphnia?

It seems a long way round to cultivate infusoria to feed daphnia. I have found that Gram flour (sold by Indian / Pakistan food shops) which is made from yellow chick peas to be ideal for feeding daphnia. Two tablespoons in 1 pint of water just add enough to make the water slightly cloudy. Don't forget to harvest the daphnia regularly as it will not bloom if the adults are not harvested.

On the subject of green water whilst ideal as a drip feed for young fry I have not found it to be particularly good for feeding daphnia. But to get green water just stand in strong sunlight.



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