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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #42

>Subject: ~~~Microworms ~~~


>I am curious what peoples favorite mediums are for microworms? My book

>tells me to use porage. Now is that oat porage such as oatmeal or wheat

>porage such as farina (cream of wheat) or corn porage such as corn meal

>mush or pablum (baby cereal). The last is what I used to use when I last

>raised them about 8 years ago but I was wondering if things have

>changed? I just recieved my starter in the mail yesterday, Thanks Joel.


Standard porridge oats mixed so thickly that the spoon will stand up in it is the best medium for microworms. I have found yeast unnecessary. For full culture details check the back pages of our web site as microworms have already be covered.


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