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Vinegar eels

I bought my starter culture from Daleco (they have a WWW site). 

In brief: get a glass or plastic container (I have two one-gallon
bottles) with a plastic cap (avoid metal) that you keep very loose,
without tightening.
Fill half of the bottle with vinegar (unscented), the other half with
non-chlorinated water. Add a peeled, sliced apple. Keep this bottle in
moderate light for a week or so (in the mean time you place your order
for a starter culture). When you have it, add it to your bottle, loosely
cover it with a cap, and place a dark plastic bag (loose also) to reduce
light. Store at room temperature, avoiding the extremes. Wait several
weeks before beginning to collect the eels. Add an apple 1-2 times a
year. That's it.  The critical factor is collecting them, but the
ultrafine nylon mesh I have been using is great!

I learnt how to culture them from a FAMA article published about a year