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Re: Live Foods Digest V1 #36

>Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 08:56:25 -0500

>From: William Vannerson <<William_Vannerson at ama-assn_org>

>Subject: BBS Longevity


>I have a 10 gallon tank at work where the Kribs have just spawned and the fry should become free swimming in about a day.  I don't want to set up a brine shrimp hatchery in the office if I can avoid it.

>How can I transport BBS from home to the office in a vial?

>Ideally, I'd like to "package" them up the night before in fresh water.  But I doubt they'll live that long.  Packing them in morning is marginally possible but I'm not a morning person and I have little time to make the 5:53 a.m. train as it is :-)

>So me guess would be that I should try bottling them up in brine water just before bed.  That would mean they'd be in the bottle/vial for about 9-10 hours.

>Is that doable?

>Any other ideas?

Newly hatched brine shrimp contain and yolk sac which is were most of the nourishment for the fish comes from so they should be fed to the fish as soon after hatching as possible. The longer the shrimp live the less nourishing they will be. Several possibilities spring to mind.

1. Remove the shrimp after they hatch and freeze even at 5:53 am it is not much hard work to remove a block of frozen shrimp from the fridge.

2. Set up a moina culture (for next time)as these are freshwater and will live quite happily in a vial of fresh water. (details of culturing moina are on our back pages section of our web site)

4: Cut some flowers from your garden and place in a vase of tank water on your desk (whatever) at the end of the day this should be teaming with infusoria some of which can be poured back into the tank. Even more sneaky is to place this on top of the tank with a length of airline acting as a siphon, this is led into the tank and an airline clamp fitted do that a drop every few minutes is released into the tank ensuring that food is constantly available to the fry.

5: Are there plants in the tank as the leaves will be covered in bacteria and infusoria that the fry can pick off. 

6: In desperation liquid fry food or a small pinch of hard boiled egg yolk can be used.

7: Micro worm, Grindal worm or vinegar eels could safely be cultured in an office draw and will all be readily accepted by the fry for when they get a little bigger. (Details also on our web site).



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