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FWD: Non-member submission from ["Gregory Howard"<howard6 at llnl_gov>]

From: "Gregory Howard" <howard6 at llnl_gov>

I have over 800  Kribs living in several tanks in my office. Anyone want to
buy some....cheap?  You do not need brine shrimp at all. If you have not
removed the parents...do so. The eggs hatch between 50 - 60 hrs., then, the
young wiggle on the bottom for about 5 or so days, living off of their yolk
sack. When they are free swimming...take a mortar and pestle, grind up
dry flake food to very fine, mix with water, and eye dropper the mix to
As they grow...don't grind as much. Too easy!!!    Greg

Date: 9/23/97 1:33 PM
To: Gregory Howard
From: Bern Qualheim
Greg:  Help this guy out....

Date: 9/23/97 1:31 PM
From: Live-Foods at actwin_com

Live Foods Digest     Tuesday, September 23 1997     Volume 01 : Number 036