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Ghost Shrimp

 Hi! Folks, 

As  introduced upstream by David Robinson, I to am very keen to grow and
breed Ghost Shrimp.  I did a complete search on the Internet and came up
with nothing relating to fresh water Ghost Shrimp, several excellent sites
for the salt water variety.

 I am at a total loss at this point.  Is there someone out in cyber land
willing to  point me in the right direction?  I suspect growing and
breeding these critters is going to be difficult but I'd love to give it a
try.  Also does anyone know of good sources?  

Thank you for your consideration.
                                             Howard Broman
                                       Broman at rosejewelry_com
                                             Real Rose Jewelry
          Any mistakes are not my fault, I use a voice-dictation interface ;-)

>Date: Tue, 2 Sep 1997 13:43:19 -0700 (PDT)
>From: "David Lyle Robinson" <robinson at ichips_intel.com>
>Subject: Ghost Shrimp
>Has anybody had any experience propagating ghost shrimp?
>I've had a group of about 20 shrimp in a 10 gallon tank
>for several months now.  The females cycle through eggs
>every now and again, but so far I haven't seen a single
>baby shrimp.   
>  The current tank has a 1/2 inch of soil covered by
>1.5 inches of sand.  There is a sponge filter, a large
>piece of drift wood and some water sprite.  Duck weed
>covers the surface.  Algae is kept very low apparently
>by the shrimp and the reduced light provided by the
>duck weed.  There are no other tank inhabitants.
>I have fairly soft water, but have several crushed 
>shells and sand dollars in the tank to buffer the pH
>  So far, they have been subsisting on what little
>algae grows in the tank (and a fist sized glob of
>hair algae which they wittled away into nothing) and
>supplemental fish food.  I suspect that I just haven't
>yet stumbled on the "ideal" diet for either the adults
>or babies.
>Any ideas?
>David Robinson
>robinson at ichips_intel.com